“Personal benefits of my work with Salma Darling:  more laughter, more beauty, more love, more translucency, deeper connection to the TRUTH of life, more playfulness, more roars, and lot’s more to come I hope!”    Richard, designer and producer, California USA

Salma Darling BeingNatureWild Divine Dance with Salma Darling is a conscious dance practice informed by universal movement principles, buddhist meditation, western psychotherapy and ecopsychology.

Depth conscious dance and meditation workshops and retreats are offered, both inside and in the wild.

You’re invited to enter a state of heightened receptivity and to awaken somatic wisdom.  Through this we activate our capacity for more appropriate responsiveness to life, freedom of expression, heartful connection and living sustainably.


Dance Salma Darling YellowaveClubHouse_04With the support of music, drumming, sounding and sensitive dance movement meditation facilitation, we explore expanding awareness and our capacity to be present with what shows up in our bodies, hearts and minds.

We move with ourselves, each other and in community, with spaciousness to follow, unfold and simply be. The powerful combination with mindfulness invites us to dive whole-heartedly into the fullness of each embodied moment with permission, curiosity and kindness. Together with witnessing we invite energy to move freely, with creativity and authentic expression. 

You are welcome regardless of previous experience and fitness level, and all ethnicities, genders and socio-economic backgrounds are honoured. We are committed to diversity and where we can, chose host venues which support inclusion and sustainability.  If you have a disability or special needs, please enquire whether we can accommodate you.


Salma’s dance is a space to unwind, discharge, relax, exhilarate, be sad, get angry, release and be the pure energy I am – allowing it to move, flow, agitate, girate, rotate, splurge, explode, settle and be calm – wonderful!!!” Aaron, Brighton UK

“Salma’s teaching is gentle and fun. Understated.  Opening ourselves is respected, welcoming subtlety, vulnerability”  Peter, Brighton UK

“This dance has become a haven in the week, a place of permission to be just as I am”   Sasha, Brighton UK

“Really loved the dance on Thursday and I was full of nervous trepidation. Thanks for holding the space and see you soon”  


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