Authentic Movement: Mindfulness in Motion

Authentic Movement has its roots in Jungian psychology and dance movement psychotherapy and was originated by pioneer US dance therapist, Mary Starks Whitehouse, Joan Chodorow and Janet Adler.  AM continues to evolve as a practice for body-oriented psychotherapy, based in the relationship between mover and witness.

It has its own simple rituals which provide a very safe container for the exploration of deep material, and can take place between two people or in groups.

A mover starts with eyes closed and attention directed inward. Inner impulses to move based in sensations and images are followed. The witness watches and tracks their inner response to the mover. Afterward, the mover may report the sensations, thoughts, emotions, images and movement impulses which came into consciousness during the move. The witness may offer feedback on their direct experience of the movement.

Integrating the western psychological framework of Authentic Movement with the eastern approach of mindfulness and associated practices is a powerful combination to reveal and release hidden and unhelpful aspects of being, and cultivate a joyous heart.

The approach offers those with either or both an existing movement and meditation practice the opportunity to explore mindfulness in stillness and in motion.  Awakening is supported through transformative witnessing within a field of consciousness.

The practice of Authentic Movement in conjunction with mindfulness directly develops:

* Embodied presence

* Kinesthetic awareness

* Mindfulness and concentration

* Compassion and empathy

* Interpersonal skills

* The creative, artistic impulse

* A sense of being nourished and replenished

* Insight into truth

There are currently no Authentic Movement: Mindfulness in Motion workshops scheduled. Please contact if you would like to organize one for your group or if you would like to join the mailing list.

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