Mmm! Meditation, Movement & Music

Mmm! Meditation, Movement & Music. . . 1 day workshop in a beautiful redwood circle in the E. Bay wild. Saturday, August 23at 10:00am – 4:00pm
Find freedom in stillness, explore 5 elements meditation practice to know yourself as nature, awaken your body with movement in the magical forest, connect with a community circle of joyful sound expression, unleash your wild heart . .

With Salma Darling & Andrew Chaikin – AKA Kid Beyond (meditation, circle singing)

Mmm! offers an opportunity to awaken your being and come to know yourself as part of nature in the magic of the wild forest.  You are invited to consciously enliven your body, slow down, and enter a state of heightened receptivity.  Activate your somatic wisdom and inner guidance for peace, fulfilment and playful expression.

We long to nourish the depth of our being and for connection to nature, and meditation in nature offers us the opportunity to deepen in stillness and tranquility nestled in a supportive circle of trees. You will receive instructions in 5 elements meditation that guide us into knowing ourselves as nature, as opposed to the separate sense of self we often operate as.  With awareness, sensitivity and curiosity we feel more alive to the richness of our inner life, relationships and the world around us; we come Wild Awake.

Instinctive, free, personal movement exploration in response to our movement possibilities and dialogue with the landscape will be invited through simple movement ‘scores’ or guidelines.  This will support you to move in your own unique way, engaging your whole being in relationship to inner sensation, outer physical movement, heart and mind.  Through moving exploration in relationship with natural terrain and the elements, your body, senses and hidden treasures within your being will have space to come alive; unleashing the fullness of your potential and untamed, wild heart.

As the body wakes up, feels more connected, and is inspired by the sounds of nature, witnessing and listening to each other, we will open to sounding with our voices and body.  Offering ourselves and each other the permission of sharing our tender Hmmm, playful Prrrr exuberant Swooosshhh or ferocious Rooaaarhh!!!  we will follow the waves, chirps and gusts of sound in a circle of heart-full, playful expression.

We are all bio-ecosystems living within a greater ecosystem.  When we move with sensorial awareness of our internal environment in relation to our external surroundings, we open our whole being to nature.  This connects us with a deeper awareness of the truth of our interdependence, and our natural capacity to live with aliveness, harmony  and sustainability.

For more information and registration, go to:

Cost: Sliding Scale: $88 to $68

We’re offering the workshop on a sliding scale, from $88 to $68. Round numbers are boring. We’re hoping for an average payment of $75. Please pay at the highest level you can afford.
You can bring your check to the workshop, made out to “Andrew Chaikin.”

Early Bird Discount: $58!
If you pay by August 15, the price is only $58!

Make the check out to “Andrew Chaikin” and send to:
Andrew Chaikin, 4246 22nd St, San Francisco, CA 94114

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