One to One Dance Movement Psychotherapy, a mindful & ecological approach & One to One Mindfulness

One to One Dance Movement Psychotherapy, a mindful & ecological approach

One to One Dance Movement Psychotherapy offers a safe and confidential space to discover your unique inner being and explore aspects of the lived experience that have become tangled.  Sessions follow what is necessary for the flowering of the individual, and can include dance and movement, body-centred enquiry and talking.  Mindfulness is integrated within the session, supporting clarity, awareness and compassion.  Being witnessed in co-created presence can be valuable for increased embodied self-awareness and creativity.


▪ Working with difficult thoughts & emotions
▪ Stress & anxiety
▪ Health issues
▪ Childhood trauma
▪ Relationships, work issues & life transitions
▪ Enquiring into life’s deeper meaning
▪ Coaching & mentoring with creative projects


We work directly through the body in stillness and in motion, integrating words and talking. Physical movement, sensations, emotions, thoughts, sounds, images and dreams are included, allowing subtle and emergent states to be experienced, expressed and compassionately witnessed. This often fulfills a deep longing to be clearly felt, seen and heard.  Space can be made for new ways of expression and relating to be explored. 
My approach supports healing pain and difficulty in our lives, insights into how we relate to others, and the cultivation of clarity, aliveness and wellbeing. This can lead to a renewed sense of purpose or direction and increased energy and motivation.  The aim is help you live more freely, fully and authentically.
One to One Dance Movement Psychotherapy can enrich meditation practice and provide individual support for integrating experiences with other dance modalities.  As a registered psychotherapy practitioner with the Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK I adhere to high ethical and professional standards, and approach each therapeutic relationship with care and respect for each persons unfolding.
“Moving with you was equivalent to 10 therapy sessions.  I went so deep with your warm, clear presence

London WC1 & Brighton: 1 hour session: £105     via Skype: £70

I currently have some concession places available in Brighton, please enquire

Call now for a free 10 minute telephone consultation: 01273 602012

E. Sussex & S. Dartmoor: 3 hour indoor/outdoor session in E. Sussex to explore embodied relationship with wild nature: £130

US sessions are available in movement studios in San Rafael (please join mailing list to keep up to date with next available dates):  60 minute session: $120     90 minute session: $180.   3 hour indoor/outdoor session on Stinson Beach or Point Reyes to explore embodied relationship with nature: $300.

Book 7 hours of sessions (between 1 – 3 hours each session) for $630

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