BeingNature workshops: Movement and Meditation in Wild Nature

“Salma Darling is an inspirational teacher and facilitates magical and meaningful explorations of the world around us. I was blessed to participate in ‘BeingNature Movement on the Moor’ where Salma encouraged us to experience the environment in a new way.  We normally walk through environments but crawling, rolling touching the rocks, the earth and water, plants and trees not just with our hands but other parts of our bodies was very powerful and I felt a strong connection to the natural world that was both beautiful and moving.”
Jacky, teacher, Devon UK

BeingNature movement, meditation and conscious embodied expression supports restoring relationship with nature. BeingNature is an embodied, mindful approach to  ecopsychology that can be used for body-oriented therapy, creative somatic expression and for awakening.  

Aspects of dance movement psychotherapy,  Scaravelli yoga, Buddhist psychology, ecopsychology and our interconnection with this awesome planet have informed the development of BeingNature.  Their combination with something of nature’s mystery, give it shape.

We are all bio-ecosystems living within a greater ecosystem.  When we move with sensorial awareness of our internal environment in relation to our external surroundings, we open our whole being to nature.  This connects us with a deeper awareness of the truth of our interdependence, and our natural capacity to live with aliveness and harmony  is restored.

The approach supports instinctive free movement, with a guiding philosophy rooted in ancient eastern wisdom, western psychology and physics.  Movement tasks are presented as clear movement ‘scores’ or guidelines, to encourage movement exploration. You will be invited to move in your own way, bringing permission, non-judgemental awareness and curiosity to your movement.  The scores engage the whole being: inner sensation, outer physical movement, the heart and mind.

Workshops emerge through sensing and physically feeling the environment and are location-specific. They are kept alive and evolving through my ongoing movement, meditation and ecological investigations.

BeingNature guidance is based in:

  • Universal dance movement principles and physics
  • Informed by Laban Movement Analysis, Authentic Movement and infant movement development including: Time, Weight, Space & Flow and Witnessing
  • Mindfulness and Lovingkindness rooted in Buddhist teachings
  • 4 elements meditation as taught by Burmese meditation master Pa Auk Sayadaw
  • Responsiveness to the inner (human) landscape and outer environment
  • Relationship with self, other, group and the universe
  • Aligning the electrical field of the body with the electrical impulses of the earth

BeingNature workshops offers you the opportunity to awaken your being more fully and become more sensitised to revealing an embodied understanding of belonging as part of nature.
– Recharge through inviting in the healing power of nature and deepen your engagement with the earth
– Nurture transformative processes through uncovering the physical and emotional intelligence of your full being
– Find wellbeing, healing and awakening
– Allow new possibilities in body, mind and heart to emerge
– Learn practical tools for connecting, peace and aliveness that can be used in everyday life
– Foster connection, collaboration and community
– Discover your inner artist, dancer and creative being
– Revitalise, have fun and find wonder in the process of discovery
– Reconnect with your passions

Upcoming BeingNature workshops:

BeingNature: Awaken your Wild Being

We long to nourish the depth of our being and for connection to nature.  How can we feel fully alive and offer our embodied expression?

Becoming Wildlife invites you into visceral intimacy with nature.

Through investigating movement dynamics and deep listening with mindful presence in the landscape, we awaken our creaturely senses and unleash the inner being.  With the safe embrace of the earth, boundaries are blurred between human and animal, body and sound, mind, body, heart and earth.

This deep breath of a unifying journey will awaken your somatic, earthy intelligence.

Leusdon Memorial Hall, Dartmoor, Devon

Saturday August 10th   10am-5pm

Small group size with limited spaces.  Beginning and experienced movers are welcome.

For bookings please contact:


Stories of Our Bones: Earth Element

Movement Meditation in Budleigh Salterton, Devon with Salma Darling, MA and Sue-Claire Morris, PgDip

Knowle Village Hall, Budleigh Salterton, Devon (indoors)

Saturday May 11 2013, 10.00am – 5.00pm

We long to nourish the depth of our being and for connection to nature.  How can we regain a sense of connection to the earth; the substance of our body, our ground of support and replenishment?

During this daylong you will be gently guided to explore the theme of grounding and the earth element through freely expressive movement, mindfulness and dialogue.  Through connecting with our roots, the depth of our being is nourished.  Come to open your body and enliven your heart; refresh, revitalise and reconnect.

Small group size with limited spaces.  Beginning and experienced movers are welcome.

Sue-Claire Morris, PgDip, is a Dance Movement Psychotherapist, Accredited MBACP Counsellor, Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator (trained with Nancy Sherwood,  Canada) with a certificate in education and training in theatre and dance (London/New York).She is an environmental dancer, lectures on the foundation degree in Environmental Education at Bicton College, and works with labyrinths as part of creating Mandalas for Peace.


BeingNature: AIR 

Conscious movement in Leusdon, Devon with Salma Darling, MA 

Saturday June 1st 2013, 10.00am – 5.00pm  (indoors and outdoors)

BeingNature explores an embodied, mindful approach to eco-psychology using dance movement.  During this workshop on Dartmoor, we will experience what it is to be an embodied, aware being as part of nature focussing on the air element and the quality of space.

We will awaken our vitality through exploration of the body structure and movement dynamics, fine tune our senses in silence, and encounter the environment intimately with heightened perception.  Simple, clear movement scores will form the basis of connecting with the elements as well as our inner nature. Rugged, wild terrain invites presence, responsiveness and diverse movement qualities, allowing new possibilities in body, mind and heart to emerge.

This workshop nurtures transformative processes through uncovering the physical and emotional intelligence of the fullness of your being.  Re-enchant your creaturely senses, recharge through inviting in the healing power of nature and deepen your engagement with the earth.

Booking: please contact

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