BeingNature: Movement & Meditation in Wild Nature

Rugged, wild terrain invites presence, responsiveness and diverse movement qualities, allowing new possibilities in body, mind and heart to emerge.  

Simple, clear movement scores form the basis of connecting with the elements as well as our inner nature.

We are all bio-ecosystems living within a greater ecosystem.  When we move with sensorial awareness of our internal environment in relation to our external surroundings, we open our whole being to nature.  This connects us with a deeper awareness of the truth of our interrelatedness, and our natural capacity to live with aliveness and harmony is restored.

Workshops emerge through sensing and physically feeling the environment and are location-specific. They are kept alive and evolving through my ongoing movement, meditation and ecological investigations.

BeingNature workshops offers you the opportunity to awaken your being more fully and become more sensitised to revealing an embodied understanding of belonging as part of nature.


“Salma Darling is an inspirational teacher and facilitates magical and meaningful explorations of the world around us. I was blessed to participate in ‘BeingNature: Movement on the Moor’ where Salma encouraged us to experience the environment in a new way.  We normally walk through environments but crawling, rolling touching the rocks, the earth and water, plants and trees not just with our hands but other parts of our bodies was very powerful and I felt a strong connection to the natural world that was both beautiful and moving.”
Jacky, teacher, Devon UK


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